• Hello my name is Dr. Glo and I've been writing professionally since 2010. Writing brought me through some challenging and exciting times and ultimately gave birth to my writing career and wanting to create spaces in vulnerable communities to nurture literacy and show people how to incorporate technology into personal and professional tasks.


    I recall as a young girl running errands for neighbors at the request of my grandmother. The errands became second nature to me. The older I became and began experiencing other communities and settings a desire was planted to want to strengthen and grow vulnerable communities. This wasn't a far fetched idea because there were a handful of black owned businesses in the community I resided in. I've always known that helping others by serving is one of the core parts of my DNA and soul's journey.


    My purpose is to strengthen literacy in low resourced communities throughout the Westside of Chicago by creating spaces for residents, visitors and supporters to create and enhance literacy.

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    God in Gloria: A Walk in Spirituality by Gloria Mullons

    God in Gloria: A Walk in Spirituality by Gloria Mullons

    What does it mean to go through life searching for oneself? It is a question that most of us have pondered and many of us still seek to answer. In this thoughtful exploration of self, spirituality, and purpose, Dr. Gloria Mullons provides the reader with an inside glance into a spritual walk that has led to a rewarding and steadfast relationship with God.
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    My Awakening at 26 by Gloria Mullons

    My Awakening at 26 by Gloria Mullons

    My awakening at 26 is about sharing the joys and challenges of a young woman coming into her own skin, learning about the power of giving and receiving love by living in the moment.
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    Goodbye Late 20's by Gloria Mullons

    Goodbye Late 20's by Gloria Mullons

    Goodbye Late 20's a self reflection of a woman growing up in the inner city and documenting life as it happens. I believe that every human being has a story and it should be told to share with the world. In sharing about my life I hope to inspire others to live a life that is full of love and service. I live in the Midwest, born in Chicago and I know that my purpose on this planet is to serve and love others.
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    Health Tracking Notebook

    Health Tracking Notebook

    Capture all health related information in one location: medical history, updates and daily numbers related to health conditions.
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    Back Pack Project

    Back Pack Project

    The Back Pack Project is providing 100 Back Packs to vulnerable students, one community at a time in the Chicagoland area.

    Feel free to support this cause by adding a product (s) to the shopping cart. If you do not use Paypal checks and cash are accepted.
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  • Experiences

    Places and people I've worked with

    McDonalds Corporation

    Corporate Intern

    June 1999 - 2003

    Blackburn College

    Political Science & Intercultural Affairs Assistant

    2001 - 2004


    Cook County Government

    Intern, Secretary & Planner

    2005 - 2010

    Family Focus

    Resource Coordinator

    2011- 2013

    National Council of Negro Women

    College Internship


    ACCESS Community Health Network

    Manager & Trainer


    Chicago Public Schools

    Additional Learning Opportunities Coordinator


    The Morten Group



    Kukua Press Books, LLC



    Black Girls Code

    Volunteer Community Outreach Assistant


    Open Books



    African American Museum In Philadelphia

    Symposium Speaker


    University of Illinois at Chicago

    Urban Planning & Policy


    National Louis University

    Community Psychology


    I Heart Care, LLC



    Department of Commerce Census Bureau

    Partnership Specialist


    Chicago Public Schools Family & Community Engagement in Education

    FACE Manager


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